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The Advanced Transmission Care staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

Hello Bruce
Tom from San Francisco
Bruce & his guys are great to work with. We've had 2 transmissions rebuilt at his shop & wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Very professional & knowledgeable.
C. Paxton from Troutman, NC
I own a 2001 Acura 218,207 miles i had a new transmission put in over in West, TN...Transmission came from H&A Transmissions in CA (very good co. would recommend) shortly after install, i drove back here (where I live..10 hours away) and the tranny was leaking fluid and shifting into neutral after a cold start ....not knowing where to go..i took it to honda. I was told by Jim, that I had a "cracked transmission case" and I needed to pay upfront for the transmission replacement as they did not work w/ H& remember I JUST paid for a new transmission...I was referred to Bruce at Advanced Transmission thru H & A transmissions...How I wish I had found him the first time around. An honest man, with honest business sense and manner..needless to wasn't a "cracked case". I would recommend Bruce and his team over anyone, anytime 200% and never recommend honda...they are clueless! Needless to say I am at 225,565 miles and running strong....Thank you Bruce for keeping us on the road I hope for another 200k!
Armantine Wyatt from Cornelius, NC
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend and commend Bruce Bastedo and Advanced Transmission Care. For years, my 1999 Buick Century had a transmission condition known as “Morning Sickness” where the vehicle would not go into gear until it warmed up. Usually this symptom requires a complete overhaul, so my mechanic felt the repair would be too costly for the age and mileage of the vehicle. Then, in April of 2012, the transmission shift solenoid went bad and my mechanic recommended Advanced Transmission Care. I researched and saw they have an A+ BBB rating, the repair estimate was between $500.00 and $600.00, so I decided to have the work done by them. I mentioned the morning sickness to Bruce and he said the transmission service included with the solenoid repair might help, but he was not optimistic the morning sickness would be resolved. While performing the repair, they also found that I had a bad axle. When Bruce called me, I was impressed when he was honest enough to let me know that the axle needed to be removed anyway for the solenoid repair, so if I wanted the axle replaced, the additional cost would just be the $99.92 for the part, so I agreed. My vehicle was ready on time and for the price I was given. The great news is that not only was the shifting better than before, the morning sickness was completely gone. My vehicle safety inspection was due in May 2013, and during the inspection, the mechanic noticed a leak in the transmission area. When I checked my records, sure enough, I was 10 days out of my one year warranty with Advanced Transmission Care. I took a shot and called Bruce to explain what was found. I told him up front that I was 10 days out of warranty, but he said to bring my vehicle in anyway. Bruce found that the axel seal on the axel he replaced was leaking and made the repair under warranty anyhow. When I thanked him for his integrity, he just smiled and said that this is just the way he does business. Based on my positive experiences, I can highly recommend Bruce Bastedo and Advanced Transmission Care. Also, over a year later, the transmission morning sickness is still gone. John Wilkins Denver, NC
John Wilkins from Denver, NC
Put our Suburban in reverse after a Mother's Day visit and it wouldn't move until I gave it some gas then it sounded like meat grinding BBs. Had it towed to Advance where he rebuilt it with quality parts. Nice owner, excellent service, and trustworthy reputation by area mechanics.
Keith Feather from Greensboro, NC
Advanced Transmission Care Testimonial When the reverse gear in my 24-year-old Mercedes automatic transmission started to go bad (after about a quarter of a million miles), I checked around at my local mechanic’s garage and with some friends. One friend, who works at a local NASCAR shop, recommended Advanced Transmission Care and said if I told Bruce – the owner – what my problem was, he’d probably be able to tell me right there on the spot what was likely causing it and what it would take to correct it. After listening to me for a while - Bruce not only immediately told me the model number of the tranny (off the top of his head), what likely needed to be repaired, and the cost estimate for doing so - he also took the time to explain in detail why that usually happens with that transmission at that mileage on that car to cause the problem. The repair was done – on time, and below estimate. Frankly, I wonder why I even considered a used tranny when I got a great rebuild, with an amazing warranty, at a great cost just slightly above a used one with virtually no warranty and a likely failure in the near future! Thanks, Bruce! Bob
Bob from Mooresville, NC
"I just had my transmission repaired in my Chevy truck and I couldn't be happier. I wasn't sure what to expect but they wound up only having to replace a few sensors and my truck runs like new. Very nice, talented, honest people with very reasonable pricing and excellent response time. I will recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you very much!!! 5 Star Rating in my book."
Jeffrey McRee from Maiden, NC
I had my transmission rebuilt by Bruce and Advanced Transmission at the end of November 2018. January 3rd of 2020, I started spewing smoke on the highway in Indiana and the transmission conked out. I had it towed. I called Bruce who affirmed that it was under warranty still. He had the vehicle towed to a transmission shop in Fort Wayne and the warranty was honored. The staff in Fort Wayne were full of nothing but praise for Bruce and Advanced Transmission. I am certainly appreciative.
Dave from Charlotte, NC
Bruce is the most fair and honest guy in this business. Brought in my van and he rebuilt the transmission for half the price of the dealer with twice the warranty. I wont go anywhere else. I recommend him to anyone who who has transmission issues.
Paul Giler from Charlotte, NC
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